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In episode 43 of the XY anime season 1, Korinna's Lucario used bone rush on Hawlucha, why would something like this happen, since bone rush is a ground type move? I know that the anime doesn't always follow the rules, but still, I wanted to know if there was some sort of exception. There were many more incidents like this, but I didn't want to keep spamming questions.

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The TV show was made by a completely different company. There are probably more differences than similarities.
k thanks I know I was just wondering
Well hawlucha was on the ground, therefore being vulnerable to ground type moves

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"It's the anime" is the simplest answer. In a video game with preset programming gives type advantages and disadvantages, but being able to portray all the little lgical inconsistencies in the games desn't work as well when made into a cartoon.

hawlucha does technically null ground, but it'd be weird to portray that if you're still essentially hitting him with a staff.

It also helps to prevent situations like this.

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ya I know but I was just wondering if there was any other explanation
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