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I'm playing Pokemon Ultra Sun.
So I'm trying to do a 30-35 SOS chain for a higher IV hawlucha, and I have gotten to the 2nd island, where I found an adrenaline orb to use. I know now that you must use an adrenaline orb in order to have a Pokemon call for help more than once. I've saved before each time bc I only have one shot, but after 15 attempts, and yes I did use the orb and false swipe, Hawlucha still won't call for help no matter what I do and just ends up struggling itself to death. It's getting really frustrating at this point. Am I doing something wrong? Is it one of those Pokemon that just doesn't ever get help? Is there something that can help me? Please let me know.
Also, something to note, Hawlucha would be my second Pokemon, as I only have my starter right now, and really don't wanna wait till after the 3rd trail.

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According to this list from some early US/UM datamines, Hawlucha has a SOS call rate of 3, which is the lowest it can be without being 0. For comparison, some Pokémon have a call rate of 15 — Hawlucha will naturally be a difficult Pokémon to SOS chain.

With that said though, the level of difficulty you’ve had does suggest something else might be wrong. The most probable cause is status condition — if the Pokémon has a major status affliction like paralysis, then in my experience they will never call for help. Additionally, Island Scan Pokémon don’t call for help, but that doesn’t apply in this case.

If the circumstances are precisely as you’ve described, then the Pokémon should call for help at some point; you’re doing everything else right. (Though note you can have Pokémon call for help multiple times without the Adrenaline Orb; it only increases the chance they will.)

It’s unclear whether Adrenaline Orb stacks with this effect, but try chaining with a Pokémon that has Intimidate, Unnerve or Pressure as its ability. These allegedly increase the rate at which Pokémon call for help.

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Thank you.
No problem! I hope it works out well.
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you may just have bad luck
I was the same, but, after about a hour later it called for help. Just keep trying