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I went to the wild area to find the Wanderer Hawlucha so that my Compound eyes Ganvntula could have a 20% chance to hold Kings Rock. The problem is thatnit never holds one. I would normally attribute this to bad luck, but 20% shouldn't be screwing me over right?

Is there something I'm missing?

It probably is just bad luck.
it's just that you're unlucky... (i might be wrong so do correct me pls)

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Well, make sure your Galvantula is at the front of your party. If this is the case, you’ve just been having terrible luck. An alternative to the Hawlucha method is getting a Kings Rock on Route 8.


Hope this helps! :)

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If you make sure that a Pokemon with the Compound Eyes ability (or, new to Sw/Sh, the Super Luck ability behaves the same way) is in the first slot as the battle begins, an opposing species with a 5% chance to hold an item has that chance upped to 20%, and 50% chance hold items become 60%. If it's not actually in the first slot, and was either switched in or preceded by a fainted Pokemon, those abilities have no effect.
Ah, ok.

Out of battle effects. Not my forte.