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I was battling my Friend on showdown the other day and I wanted to know what item, if I should give any, to my Hawlucha. I want one that will be used after the first turn to activate unburden.

Here is the moveset:

[email protected] ???
Swords dance
Close combat
stone edge

This is basically a power up moveset where your speed gets boosted along with your attack after the first turn
if your item is used. If you want to change the set feel free to do so


What format/rules are you playing with?

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Just have red card on it .
First you can use swords dance and suppose your opponent attacks you , (1) your opponent is switched
(2) you have unburden activate and attack boost
If your opponent has got huge stat boosts set up, it will be lost at the cost of hawlucha if you want.
Source: PS! random gen 6 battles.
Hope I helped!

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The Red card is useless if Hawlucha gets OHKO’d (which is easy to do considering Hawlucha’s poor defensive stats) or the opponent switches into Toxapex which can Haze/Toxic/Recover Stall Hawlucha. White Herb is probably the most Viable option unless the asker has a Terrain Setter on the team. :P
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There are 2 items I can see as viable for Hawlucha. The first one is a Grassy Seed or any other seed. However, for this item, a Terrain setter is a required teammate. With the immediate activation of the Seed in the switch-in to get an immediate Unburden boost. The other option I see if you don't wish to use terrain setter is a White Herb. The White Herb will activate after using Close Combat, allowing you to take advantage of Unburden. Both of these are viable, but I would use a Seed. Use a White Herb if you don't want to edit your teammates.

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all the other tapus exist to set up terrain for a seed item as well. you have way more options than just rillaboom
True.  Forgot about them being introduced.  My bad.
Ill try both of them and which ever 1 i prefer i will give ba
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The main items used for Hawlucha are White Herb (since it is triggered by close combat) and Power Herb (if you're running a sky attack set). In doubles, you could set up a terrain and give it a terrain seed to get the speed boost right at the start of the battle. Or in singles, get a Tapu or Rillaboom or something and U-turn out to Hawlucha.