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I mean its a speed demon, flying press is good, plus it has decent attack


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It has mediocre bulk and only 81 base Attack, which means it needs a boost from Swords Dance. Problem is, it has low bulk so it can't set-up. Unburden boosts it's Speed, but it's already pretty high and the boost will only let it ouspeed a few more things. It doesn't work as a good Defogger either. Finally, Ubers are a lot more powerful. Look at Zacian. Its much better. Also, Ubers were used on a lot of teams for them to get kicked out of OU. Hawlucha doesn't see use on a lot of teams and thus isn't fit to be an Uber.

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Well thanks. Could it be better in doubles with another tank using follow me and boosting hawlucha's attack?
Also flying press isn't the best. High jump kick/close combat or brave bird is better
Yea, also that's why it combos well with rillaboom. Grassy seed boost def and makes it tanky-er and let's it setup
I imagine Hawlucha would be good on a Baton Pass team, but I don't think those are popular anymore