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So my team for OU is pretty solid, but Luxray is my favorite Pokemon, and kind of has all around normal stats, and serves as my Special Wall. But before I enter any tournaments, I'd like some input. Thanks ^-^

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First, questions like this are not allowed. You need to ask them in the RMT section. They have to include information on every Pokemon's items, abilities, EVs, natures, and moves.
Second, Luxray is allowed in a lot of lower tiers, and it would most likely do better there.
I'm going to reword the question so it can be answered objectively, and so the prompt isn't as vague and open ended. It should be fine now. If the asker would like to change the question to something different, feel free to do so, but make sure it's specific and not opinionated.

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So here's the news. Luxray should not be put in the OU Metagame. So this doesn't seem biased I'll break this down for you. Lets start with typing. There are 6 other electric type Pokemon placed in the OU tier most notably Rotom-Wash. Your ability choice is average at best. You have the choice between Intimidate, Rivalry, or Guts. Intimidate is great, it lowers the attack stat. This could be useful of you like switching out Pokemon. But two other Pokemon also have intimidate, Mega Manetric and Landorus-T, both superior to Luxray. Rivalry is to risky to have so most people don't run it. Guts is great with the Flame Orb but 16 other Pokemon have the same or higher attack stat. With the constant burn and Wild Charge recoil, you'll live one round if you survive. Good thing about being pure electric is that you only have one weakness, bad news is many things resist you and can 1HKO you easily. With 70 base Speed you're pretty slow and your defenses don't make up for it either. Also another thing is that Luxray, as all other Electric type Pokemon, has a terrible move pool. Your strongest move being a physical attacker is Wild Charge. Taken in account of burn damage and recoil, your health will go quickly. You do get access to the Ice Fang to cover your weakness. Overall Luxray just doesn't have the stats to compete with the Pokemon in the OU tier. It's in PU for a reason, that reason being its stats and coverage. I personally own a competitive Luxray and I love it. It can work well on a set up. Maybe run it on a Sticky Web team. Put it in aganist Pokemon whose been inflicted with a burn. I've even seen a Dragon Dance Baton Pass work well for Luxray. Hope this helped :D


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Luxray is definitely one of those "I like it but seemed weak" Pokemon. To me that 120 Attack just tells me it's strong. But in OU, although not all Pokemon are armed to the teeth with damaging moves, they are just extremely bulky or extremely fast. Luxray when compared, although it's Attack is respectable, it doesn't make it up for the poor speed... Enough blabbering though- Luxray CAN be used in OU, but need setup badly.
To make up for it's speed, we have three ways:
1. Choice Scarf: Pretty much not the smart choice. Why? Luxray only have one weakness and that's Ground. Should you get locked in Electric type moves you have to switch out, which isn't beneficial for his Attack stats.
2. Quick Claw, although it only has 20% to go first (which isn't much), it doesn't lock you in one move and you can be more versatile. But it's all luck.
3. Baton Pass. I guess it's the only way to go. It pretty much guarantees Luxray going first given foe doesn't use priority. Plus you are free to choose moves, and can hold an item: eg Muscle Band or Life Orb.
For the passer, I'd recommend Scolipede.
So, with the correct setup you're good to go, but for the moves you must have two to make it work:
Magnet rise: eliminate ground type moves for 5 turns, pretty much turns you into a temporary Electric/Flying type. But without Flying type weakness.
Ice Fang: Coverage. That's all it does, but it hurts, for your target.
The rest two slots are free for your choice, but I'd recommend Thunder Fang if you get Life Orb, and Wild Charge for Muscle Band. Of course you can put a Choice Band but that cancels out the need for a passer.
And for the ability, Intimidate and Guts works perfectly- Guts just make you stronger.
Overall: Luxray can be used in OU, at times super effective. I understand people would go you overlooked how weak it is but I use Luxray in OU metagames, and definitely surprised everyone when it went for the kills. And it works best as a sweeper, not a Sp.D Wall.