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Why is Pelliper in the OU tier? I get that you could use Drizzle and U-turn to switch in with a swift swim Pokemon like mega-Swampert, but it seems kind of useless after that. Is there something that I'm missing here?

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It's because a lot of people are using swift swim Swampert.
Weather teams are always a thing, and will be a thing. Peliper is just good at being a drizzler.

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Because Pelliper's abiity Drizzle makes it a staple in rain teams. Due to It's typing, it can check Landorus, keldeo and MegaZard X easily.
It has a wide and good movepool. It can defeat Toxapex with Choice specs. Damp Rock makes Drizzle lasts for 8 turns and Drizzle lets Mega Swampert, Ash-Greninja to sweep. These are the only useful things I can find.

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