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Shuckle is like the highest defense or something. It gets shell smash too. So why the heck is it ya know, in PU? (Sorry if I am asking to much. I don't get on much anymore, so I keep a list of questions and sorta dump em at one time)

I thought it was because it's horribly low damage and the fact it's moveset is normally along the lines of sticky web, infestation, toxic, other, but I dunno
well you can answer that or something. right?
There are just better stallers like Blissey I think. But I don't know enough about competitive to answer.
It is outclassed by Galvatula for Sticky Web and Ferrothorn for
umm so can anyone answer it then?

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Shuckle is mainly meant to set up Sticky Web and Stealth Rock, as well as to be an annoyance to Set-Up Sweepers with Encore. However, unlike other Sticky Web setters like Vikavolt in NU and Galvantula in OU, Shuckle lacks any Offensive Presence at all. Since this is OU, I will compare it to Galvantula. Galvantula has Offensive Presence to force a switch in its dangerous Thunder and Bug Buzz. While with Shuckle, you have Infestation. Also, Shuckle is totally Crippled by Taunt which usually forces it to run a Mental Herb. So, now that we have covered Why Shuckle is outclassed with Sticky Web, let's move to Stealth Rocks. Shuckle is easily outclassed by Skarmory, Hippowdon and Ferrothorn. All 3 of these have something important to any wall that Shuckle lacks. Some method of Recovery. Whether it be Roost, Slack Off or Leech Seed, these make them better SR setters. Also, these have slightly more Offensive Presence and especially with Ferrothorn, a better typing. Due to a lack of Recovery, being Taunt bait, and any offence at all, made Shuckle drop to PU. Sorry I didn't explain that well. While Shuckle does have an advantage of being able to run both, this is a case where the Cons outweigh the pros.
Hope this helps!

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Lol your profile picture is of snom and the other person that answered's name is snom
If you teach your Shuckle Power Trick, the thing is an absolute beast.
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Shuckle is absolute taunt fodder. It usually carries Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Toxic, and Infestation or Rest( for the infamous Restochesto combo). It gets shut down by any taunter, and its terrible speed doesn't help, either. Shuckle is very passive and deals very little damage due to its absolutely pitiful damage output(base 10 attack). It is set-up fodder for common set-up sweepers. Also, its huge bulk is nerfed by its horrendous base 20 HP stat. It can be good, but it gets shut down by taunter leads, and set-up sweepers.

This is proved by Shuckle's PU smogon entry in SM

"the rest of its stats are utterly atrocious, with absolutely no offensive presence, the lowest base Speed in the game, and a low HP stat that its defenses do not appreciate. Furthermore, it faces a good amount of competition from other Sticky Web setters, such as Smeargle and Leavanny. On top of their much higher Speed stats, Smeargle has a better support movepool with access to moves such as Spore and Taunt to give it an easier matchup against slower foes and Nuzzle to cripple faster foes. Leavanny provides an offensive presence that threatens entry hazard removers such as Skuntank and has support moves of its own such as Magic Coat, which helps against opposing leads and Taunt users."

Hope this helped!

sorry snom. Even though you answered first, I thought J's was better.
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Although Shuckle has exceptional defense and special defense stats, it's other stats are horrible and too weak to be used often. I personally like Shuckle but the only way for it to deal some decent damage is to have Trick Room support and use Power Trick. If that happens, then you can start sweeping. That does take a turn to set up though, and power trick would leave Shuckle with defensive stats of 10. On the plus side Shuckle has a few good moves and has Contrary as a hidden ability and Sturdy as a normal ability, which compliments Power Trick.

Hope I helped! :)

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Shuckle is way better as a hazard setter than a power trick user lol. It's just that it's outclassed both defensively and offensively (when you use power trick + tr)