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Overall I feel Corviknight is better but Mandibuzz is ranked higher than Corviknight in the Smogon usage rankings.

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what is your team core?
Whats that?
I partner it with slowbro so they like let me bring in sweepers safely and garchomp too absorb electric attacks.
Rest are sweepers - cinderace, choicespec magearna and melmetal
I understand. Give me a few min
They're both good. Which one is better for you depends on the rest of your team, so I recommend posting your entire team in the RMT section.

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I would suggest mandibuzz itself.
In your team mandibuzz fits better.
Your team appreciates hazard control with defog. Knock off can cripple mons like ferrothorn and makes them easier to kill. Foul play will also be helpful and uturn can be used for safe switch in. Roost can be last move.
Here's a set:
[email protected] duty boots
Nature Impish
EVs 248 HP 60 Def 144 SpD 56 Spe
Moveset is from source.
Hope I helped!

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  • Steel typing, resisting many attacks
    Body Press, allowing you to invest in defence and use that investment to do damage. Goes well with Iron Defence.
    Landorus-Therian can't do much damage to it, particullarly physically defensive Corviknights.
    Good against Calm Mind Cleflable.
    Generally uses Brave Bird unlike Mandibuzz, which hits Urshifu super effectively.
    Bulk Up can make it a monster.
    Fire and Electric moves aren't huge in OU.
    Higher attack.
    Worse ability.


  • Higher Special Defence.
    Foul Play can do good damage to physical attackers.
    Loses to Fluer Cannon Magearna, the Tapus, Stone Edge Landorus and Sand.
    Fails to do much damage to special attackers.
    Higher speed.
    Decent ability in Overcoat.
    Better toxic user.

It really depends on the team. However, seeing yours, I'd say Mandibuzz, mainly because having three steals could be a major weakness to your team. Although it has less pros and more cons, it tanks hits well and is a generally good support Pokemon.

Mandibuzz @ Heavy Duty Boots

EVs: 252 HP/52 Defence/204 SpD
Calm Nature (Foul Play doesn't use your own attack stat so Calm is better)

Foul Play
Toxic/U-Turn/Taunt/Knock Off

Hope I helped!

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