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Pressure is much better. You will be able have more PP with Defog than enemy entry hazard setters, so you can keep them off the field better. You can also PP stall other moves in tandem with Roost, especially ones with only 8 PP.

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It really depends:
In doubles, Mirror Armour is a LOT better, due to the fact that pressure is pretty useless in doubles as Corviknight teams won't have the time to PP stall. Additionally, with all the dynamax moves running around, you can obliviate any stat changes - something which is extremely frequent in doubles.

However, on the other hand, in singles, as Coderine Kiss mentioned, PP stalling with Pressure is also viable.

In doubles, PP stalling barely happens due to the fact that there are two teammates who can work in synergy to take down Corviknight. Additionally, a Pokemon typically won't last more than three turns in doubles unless it decides to dynamax, which can extend its longevity but not by a lot.

However, I'm sure in singles (although I've never played it) that PP stalling can be viable too.

Hope I helped.

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For reference, Pressure isn't used to PP stall entire mons or teams, but specific moves, like Stealth Rock or high damage low PP moves like Stone Edge. Pressure is useful for limiting specific moves. It isn't meant to be a win condition by any means.