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So, I have started a Pokémon Shield Surpriselocké, and it has been going good so far. However, I have came across a Rookidee and a Aron, both of which become strong steel types. And, with one of my team members just being killed, I want a teammate. However, I can’t pick between the two. The Aggron has my bias, and has an amazing defense stat, and good attack to boot. However, it has a Mild Nature, (-Def, +Sp. Atk) which has to be one of the worse natures for a Aggron to have. But it’s defense is strong enough to have a hindering nature, and attack doesn’t need a buff. And then Corviknight has a Neutral Nature, meaning no attack/speed boost. Not the preferred nature on either, but not bad anyway. Also, the Aron has Rock Tomb, which I want to beat Kabu with, because that would be easiest to use against him. However he will be in his first stage for the fight. But, Corviknight might be better for the long run. So, here are the fine details, and can someone help me pick?

Aron @ Anything
Trait: Rock Head
Nature: Mild, (-Def +Sp. Atk)

Rookidee @ Anything
Trait: Keen Eye
Nature: Serious

And Here for my current team. (Note: Dreepy might not be on the team for long, and the Eevee is probably gonna be a Vaporeon.)

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You should use Aggron. It evolves at decent levels, and though it has two 4x weaknesses, they're not very common, plus they're easily predictable. A Mild Nature is okay, as Natures don't matter as much in-game, plus Aggron's Defense is sky-high anyways.

Corviknight is good as well, but its Attack isn't as good, nor is its Defense. It can put in work, but Aggron is ultimately superior.

Aggron @ Air Balloon / Life Orb
Ability: Rock Head
EVs (If you want): 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SpD
Mild Nature
- Earthquake
- Iron Head / Heavy Slam
- Stone Edge / Rock Slide
- Ice Punch / Thunder Punch / really any other physical move

Hope I helped!

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Thanks for the help!
Life Orb in a nuzlocke?
Hm, fair point. A Life Orb is good if you need a crucial KO, but use it at your own risk.
Yeah. (Filler)
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I'd say go with Rookidee.

Corvisquire has a better matchup against Milo and Ness, and while it does not do as well against most of Kabu's team since it lacks Rock Tomb, Pluck still does a good amount to Centiskorch. Corvisquire/Corviknight beats Allister's Yamask and thanks to its decent Special Defense, it is able to take most of Allister's attacks. Corviknight is good against Opal, does well against Melony's team outside of Lapras and Darmanitan, naturally beats Piers' Scrafty (and if you teach it Body Press and/or U-turn, it beats Piers's entire team outside of Skuntank), and has a positive matchup against Raihan's Flygon, Gigalith, and Sandaconda. Corviknight also does better against Rose's team than Aggron does, and shrugs off Eternatus's hits with more rease thanks to its higher Special Defense. During the battle against Leon, you probably can use Aggron over Corviknight, since Corv is weak to Charizard and Cinderace. After that, you should be using Corviknight again, since it does well against Shielbert's Sirfetch'd, Falinks, and Klang if Corviknight has Body Press. Corviknight beats Swordward's Golisopod and with Body Press, Bisharp. Corviknight also crucially does not take as much damage from Sacred Sword coming from Hop's Zacian. Body Press gets rid of Dubwool and Snorlax, and while neither is spectacular against Inteleon, Corviknight is better against it since it is not weak to Water and is not as frail on the Special side.

Corviknight @ Sharp Beak / Rocky Helmet / Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
Serious Nature

  • Brave Bird
  • Iron Head
  • Body Press
  • U-turn / Bulk Up
Thanks! However, I still probably will use Aggron, sense I really am lacking good Pokémon to fight Kabu with, if you looked at my Surpriselocké updates. Even though he is probably better in the long run, I really need to use Aron right now, because I need a Pokémon that can stand against Kabu.