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Corviknights got mirror armor...

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What battle format/ruleset are you referring to?
Corviknight doesn't get any hazards at all. Only defog
? They have different roles as corvi doesnt have hazards
Corvi is nornally a physically defensive deffoger, and skarmory is a spikes/rocks setter. They are similar but not the same. Id say they cant be conoared, so its hard to tell
They have very different roles, so really neither is better than the other

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corviknights got mirror armor

That isn't Corviknight's best ability. Pressure is generally better for being able to PP stall Stealth Rock and Spikes with Defog, something that isn't possible with Mirror Armor.

Now, onto the question itself. There is no true answer to Skarmory vs Corviknight in general, as both perform different roles. Both have got a lot going for them. Corviknight's Pressure, good matchup against most hazard setters, typing, and the ability to fit Defog on its sets easily make it an excellent Defogger, considered to be the best one by many players. At the time when this question was posted, Skarm's presence in the metagame was small, with it generally being outclassed by Ferrothorn as a bulky Spikes setter, and by Ash-Greninja if you're playing National Dex for its power and Spikes wearing down its checks. It had access to Defog but using Defog would make Spikes significantly worse, which is why it can't really fit the move on its sets. However, recently, Skarmory has started to pop up as one of the most reliable Spikes setters. Unlike Ferrothorn and Ash-Greninja, Skarmory has reliable recovery, letting it stay healthy throughout a game. Its base 140 Defense stat also makes it a good tank, using Spikes consistently throughout a game, Roosting off damage, and spreading Toxic / boosting its physical bulk with Iron Defense, which also powers up its beefy Body Press. Unlike Corviknight, Skarm also has Toxic.

Corviknight is a reliable Defogger and Skarmory is a great Spiker. The answer to your question will depend on what your team needs, what it has and doesn't have.

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Superior bulk, a better moveset and better abilities in pressure and Mirror Armor.
Skarmoy isn't god awful getting toxic and stealth rocks and having a superior body press having 140 defense

I feel like you can't make an all-encompassing answer like this until OP mentions their format. For example, if they're playing Gen 8 OU, then there are definitely reasons you might take Skarmory over Corviknight. One doesn't truly outclass the other in that format because they're picked for different reasons.
I think this answer is half decent because let's be real, Skarmory is useless in doubles so it's most likely gonna be singles
Gen 8 OU isn't the only singles format with Corviknight and Skarmory in it (and if OP is indeed talking about Gen 8 OU, then I think this answer is misleading).
Isn't nat dex and monotype along with the regular tiers the only singles format?
There are also cart formats like BSS (where the comparison would be different again).