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Which one can have an advantage over more Gyms (I just defeated Allister and am heading to beat Opal), and which has better moves? I picked Scorbunny as my starter, if it helps. It would be great if you gave me movesets, Natures, and held items please.

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Ok, let’s look through the rest of the gyms.
Corviknight does the best here, resisting fairy moves and being able to use super effective STAB steel moves. The others are neutral.
Best Pokemon:Corviknight
All do fine here. Corviknight can beat most of her team with super effective STAB steel moves, bar Galarian Darmanitan when it enters zen mode and lapras, but Cinderace can do the same. Heliolisk and Boltund can both hit her lapras with super effective STAB moves. Boltund can also hit the ice types super effectively, and Heliosk can use focus blast.
Best Pokémon:Boltund/Heliolisk, but Corviknight does fine too
Corviknight can hit his Pokémon super effectively with body press, Heliosk can hit them with focus blast, and Boltund can use play rough.
Best Pokémon:All are about even
Type:Depends (he isn’t actually dragon)
Corviknight has a resistance to dragon moves and an immunity to ground moves, and it can hit Duraladon super effectively with body press and Gigalith super effectively with steel. Boltund and Heleolisk are weak to the ground moves, but can still do super effective damage against some of his Pokémon. Heliolisk can use surf to hit Gigalith and Sandaconda well.
Best Pokemon:All are good, but Corviknight is probably the best
Corviknight appears to do best in gyms, but the others are good, too.
Champion’s Cup semi finals:
Corviknight can use body press to do super effective damage against most of her team, and can use Steel STAB to beat grimmsnarl. Boltund beats most of her team with Play Rough, and Heliolisk beats most of her team with Focus Blast.
Heliolisk and Boltund hit Corviknight super effectively. Heliosk and Corviknight can hit Dubwool and Snorlax with super effective fighting moves.
In between:
Corviknight can hit Froslass and Tsareena super effectively with its STABs, and is immune to Garbador’s poison moves. Boltund and Heliolisk can hit Milotic super effectively with their STAB electric moves.
Corviknight hits 3 of his 4 Pokémon super effectively with steel attacks, and resists every move they have besides Mawile’s crunch and Hatterene’s mystical fire.
Both Boltund and Heliolisk hit the entire team super effectively with electric attacks.
Boltund is able to hit his entire team super effectively with crunch.
None of the Pokémon do very well in this fight. It’s best to keep them out of this one.
In between:
All three resist steel attacks, and all can hit super effectively (Corviknight with body press, Boltund with fire fang, and Heliolisk with focus blast)
Boltund can hit Aegislash, Mr. Rime, and Dragapult super effectively with crunch. Corviknight can beat Mr. Rime with steel moves and resists every single one of Haxorus’s moves. Boltund and Heliolisk can hit Inteleon and Charizard super effectively with electric attacks.
In the end, I would choose Boltund.
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Nature:Adamant is the best
•Wild Charge
•Fire Fang
•Play Rough

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Corviknight has a fantastic typing that will help you throughout the game.

Corviknight @ Leftovers (Recommended)
Ability: Either
-Steel Wing/Iron Head (Steel Wing is learnt upon evolution/Iron Head is a TR)
-Drill Peck (Learnt at level 34)
-Body Press (TR)
-Bulk Up (TR)

With this moveset, Corviknight can have super-effective damage against:

Gyms (Allister Forward)

-Opal's entire team except for Mawile
-Melony's entire team
-Pier's Scrafty and Obstagoon
-Raihan's Gigalith and Duraludon

-Hop's Rillaboom and Trevenant
-Bede's entire team in Wyndon Stadium except for Mawile
-Marnie's entire team

Evil Team
-They use Dark-types, so Body Press should take care of them easily.

Wyndon Stadium/Champion Cup
-Nessa's Golisopod and Drednaw
-Raihan's Duraludon

Champion Battle
-Leon's Mr. Rime

It also provides good neutral damage and coverage for random trainers.

However, the other options work well too, so here's some sets.

Boltund @ Magnet (Recommended)
Ability: Strong Jaw (Recommended)
-Crunch (Learnt at level 34)
-Play Rough (Learnt at level 55)
-Thunder Fang (TM)
-Psychic Fangs (TR)

Heliolisk @ Magnet (Recommended)
Ability: Either
-Thunderbolt (TR/Level 36 as a Helioptile)
-Surf (TR)
-Dragon Pulse (TR)
-Dark Pulse (TR)

Double sniped....I wasted half an hour lol
Your answer is honestly better.
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-STAB attacks super effective against a few Pokemon in the Champion Cup
-Nice Electric typing means just one weakness
-Amazing Speed and solid attacking stats
-Evolves fairly early
-Learns nice moves like Crunch, Play Rough, Fire Fang, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, and Psychic Fangs
-It can't cover its weakness super effectively
-Somewhat frail

-STAB attacks super effective against Opal, Melony, part of Raihan's team, and some Pokemon in the Champion Cup
-Brilliant Defense and solid HP
-Attack stat is only decent
-Weak to just two types
-Learns moves like Brave Bird, Body Press, and Iron Head
-Sort of slow
-Merely okay Special Defense

-STAB attacks super effective against a few Pokemon in the Champion Cup
Excellent Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense
-Learns moves like Thunderbolt and Surf
-Awful Defense and not very good P
-That Normal typing doesn't do it any favours

It really depends on the rest of your team, but I'd go with Boltund. Here's a set:

Boltund @ Magnet
Ability: Strong Jaw
Nature: Doesn't really matter in-game. Jolly for the purposes of this set.
- Wild Charge
- Psychic Fangs / Crunch
- Fire Fang
- Play Rough

Corviknight could also be good, however. Here's a set:

Corviknight @ Sharp Beak / Metal Coat
Ability: Doesn't matter
Nature: Adamant / Jolly, but it doesn't matter if you don't get one of those
- Iron Head
- Brave Bird / Drill Peck
- Body Press
- U-turn

Hope I helped!