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What do you want to do with a Boltund? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
thank you for answer my question that was very helpful
If Boltund can use Fire & Thunder Fang, I wonder why he/she cannot use Ice Fang? It can also learn Psychic Fangs too.
Maybe so it can't cover ground? Maybe it would be too good with strong jaw?
Maybe. That would probably be damage worth seeing. I'll see the results on the damage caculator.
(Using PrimalKyogre's set) on a Dugtrio (Kanto)

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Yes, Boltund is good
Boltund has pretty nice attacking stats (90 each) and a very good speed (121). Even with even attacking stats, it’s better physical because it’s special movepool is horrible and it has strong jaw. A good set would be:
[email protected] Orb
Ability:Strong Jaw
EVs:252 Attack 252 Speed 4 HP
•Thunder Fang:STAB
•Psychic Fangs:Coverage
•Fire Fang:Coverage
All of these moves are boosted by Strong Jaw (Thunder and Fire fang are boosted to 98 Base Power, crunch has 120 Base power, and psychic fangs has 128 base power

I wouldn't use Life Orb (probably), but maybe another physical-boosting item like a Muscle Band. (Maybe.) But if Life Orb is better, Ok.
Muscle band is a waste of a held item because it's only a 10% boost to power
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Let’s see it’s Pros and Cons:
-Its speed outspeed a lot of Pokemon of 121
-It’s typing of Electric makes it only got 1 weakness
-Has a wide movepool of fangs
-It’s ability was awsome, strong jaw make it became a psychical sweeper, compective makes it became a special sweeper, and it’s Atk and SpA we’re both good.

-The lame, poor defensive stat makes it don’t stay too long
-It’s Special set was horrible
-90 Atk and SpAtk isn’t that great.
-No Coverge move :(

Na, it not actually that great as Primal Kygore said, due to its stat problem, and could get a lot of damage from the other, but if in-game it still has a chance to be a good Pokemon thanks to its movepool and easy to obtain.
Boltund Set: (For Compective Battle)

Boltund @ Life Orb
Ability: Strong Jaw
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Crunch (Hig
- Play Rough
- Thunder Fang
- Volt Switch
This Set aloud it to outspeed and kill the other Pokemon.
252 Atk Life Orb Strong Jaw Boltund Thunder Fang vs. 248 HP / 200+ Def Mandibuzz: 234-276 (55.3 - 65.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Possible damage amounts: (234, 237, 237, 242, 244, 244, 250, 252, 257, 257, 260, 265, 265, 268, 273, 276)
, see how powerful is this set, right?

Hope this Help!

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how does being out sped by pokemon that boltund can beat (such as noivern and maybe ribombee) equal a con
Edited! (My fault :p)
I never said it was great, I just said it was good, which it is
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Ingame Boltund is pretty good, I think Jolteon or Heliolisk are better and if you have the DLC, Magnezone, but on a galar only team its pretty good.
You can find Yamper on route 2 and it might take a while to get but it can be worth it.
this adorable little pupper has Nuzzle immediately which can help with catching other Pokemon.
The first gym is hard for the little pupper but you can get a Rookidee or pick Scorbunny as your starterto help with that.
next up is the water gym which Yamper is great against, you can get a boltund at this point, level 25 isn't too high, also Yamper gets Charm at level 26 so if you ait until then it can help cuz Dreadnaw has a good attack stat and halving that is excellent.It also gets Spark at level 20,good stab that early.
Kabu is meh, no super-effective moves on his team.
The 4th one depends on your game.
Alister is pretty easy since Boltund gets crunch at level 34, a bit under the level of his ace Gengar.
Bea is harder since, unless you grind to level 55(Wow your patient) or get the Psychic fangs or play rough TR you can't hit her team super effectivly.
Opal's team is neutral except for Togekiss who can be cooked alive by a spark or any other electric move you have.
Gordie and melony are similar, they both have water types which, you know.
Pier depends on whether you get the Play Rough TR/Overlevel(And maybe the Dig TM for Skuntank) but if you do he can be easy.
The is Rihan and he is legit 1 of the 2gym leaders Boltund struggles with, 3 of them have ground moves and all except gigalth resist/are immune to it STAB.
Then there is the tourney where it's the same as the gym leaders.
Rose is pretty easy if you get the Fire Fang TM which you can easily get right before Rihan's gym, his Ferrothorn and Excavalier are 4x weak to it, you have to worry about Excavalier's Drill Run,well, maybe, if you have a lvl 55 Boltund(Which you probably do at that point) it has a 44% chance to OHKO Excavalier and if you don't you can take a drill run 100%, Copperajah is difficult though since High Horsepower hits harder and Boltund does not so be careful(This legit took like 5 minutes to calculate).
Leon is next and it ill be easiest if you pick Cinderace because Inteleon and Charizard are weak to electric attacks, if you pick Sobble it's hardest since Rillaboom resists electric and Rhypiron is immune and his Seismitoad if Grooky is involved.Dragapult and Haxorus are weak to Play Rough but you can't touch his Aegislash.

Overall, pretty solid in a playthrough.(Now my hands hurt from typing for so long XD)
Competitivly well, just see my reply in https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/330817/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-boltund