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I'm just asking this to make sure I'm not missing anything. Running Rock Polish Golurk has been a relatively popular route to go with them, historically, but now that Rock Polish was removed from the TM list and not replaced with a TR, it would appear to me this is now impossible. I have a fully trained Golurk ready to go, but I intended to have this on its set and it's missing the key move to its core. I'd be bummed if I'm right, Golurk is one of my favorites and I've always wanted a competitively viable one.

Looking through bulbapedia as well as here from what I can tell no.
Even through egg moves it still doesn't work
If you don't want to redo everything I'd say just do some scarf or banded trick/other move. If you have it setup on some team with support for it than PUP could work ig
If you really wanted to use gourmet you'd probably have to use another set but otherwise I'd say just drop it and possibly raise a new one in an older game if you really wanted to
Even breeding isn't an option?

I'm kinda sad now. Golurk got nerfed and it didn't even need it.

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Bulbapedia says that Rock Polish can only be learnt by transferring from other generation, as you already know, Rock Polish is no longer a TM/TR.

In Gen 8, Golurk can learn Rock Polish only when obtained from:
Gen 7 or earlier (move is level-up/tutor/TM/HM in Gen 7)

Source: /learn Golurk, rock Polish in Showdown!.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to get it unless you transfer it from the older games.
The only way you could boost it Spe apart from Rock Polish would be something like Choice Scarf. Or just like how DrowsyDrakloak said, you could also run it with Trick Room support (it's fairly slow at 55 base Spe, which is generally enough).

Hope this helps.

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