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You know when he can learn fly. But, is that great? Because it's useful for cover grass Pokemons.


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It's not to bad it does cover some weaknesses like you mentioned and most Pokemon that can learn fly would have it in their move sets competitively. To be honest though, for in-game, its fine, look at the "what's a good move set for golurk" on this site for a better competitive move set. It depends on what you want\need it for

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your welcome! It was no trouble at all! I'm always happy to help! :)
Fly = Good in-game, bad competitively.
That's what I thought because it has a pretty big move pool, but I wasn't quite sure, but the move set question here on Pokebase sure answered that for me! :)
fly may be bad competitevely but if they send a steel, rock or electric type just to block fly golurk can just launch an earthquake