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Look at the current event there, and the time...

Watch the description, theres a word you can download a carita's hydreigon and so on...

How do i participate to this event, and how do i download it?

Even if its the Japan's event, im just curios to know it :D


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It says right on that page that it's a wi-fi event for Japan. So it would just be through Nintendo WFC and you can't get it outside Japan.

TELL PAKEY! or is she in china ? Hmmm
Another thing u haven't answer, if im in japan, how do i download golurk or hydreigon? in the page, it says that we have to download it, how?
You go on Nintendo WFC in Mystery Gift. Check the official Japanese Pokemon site, there will be details on there.
golurk and hydreigon will come out in the USA soon.
they will come out soon in USA
Grrh... I have White but I want Hydregion! Oh well...
You do realize Hydreigon isn't a version exclusive pokemon, don't you?