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This is my first time entering an online challenge, and I want to make sure I don't miss the Enigma berry. So how and when do you access it? I've entered the comp itself and battled half a dozen or so times already.

I'm not sure, but typically when you get items from the PGL it requires you to use Game Sync, then talking to a delivery girl in Pokemon Centers.

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If you happen to get a rank in the competition, you are ensured to get an Enigma Berry.
If you are one of the top 128 people who took part in the competition you get Championship points, but it isn't necessary to be one of them to get an Enigma Berry.
To get the berry, you must have atleast one complete battle in the tournament.

It's most possible that the Enigma berry distribution would take place after the tournament is over.

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Actually in this most recent competition EVERYONE who does at least one battle gets the berry.
I know this part. What I want to know is the HOW (game sync, mystery gift, etc.) and the WHEN (before, during, after, how long)
The enigma berry will most likely be distributed after the competition, but nobody yet knows how.