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So I was unable to participate in the events for my Pokemon Pearl and borrowed an action replay to get the event items for Darkrai, Arceus and Shaymin. The Pokemon were caugth without any cheats and have been transfered to my Pokemon White. Will they get under the cheat radar or will I get busted?

i haven't tried mine yet that i gave myself the event items for but i would think it would let them through because all you did was give yourself the item that triggers a legitimate event in game.  although i think the arceus may be trouble because they never released the azure flute apparently.

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Yes! You can trasfer these Pokemon. They are not hacked and have been caught with out cheats. PokeBank only detects Pokemon which are produced with the help of PokeGen, PokeEdit or any other third party. So these Pokemon should get through PokeBank. Even I was able to transfer Pokemon created in PokeGen so, yes these Pokemon should be able get through.

Source: Experience.

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I couldn't quite get whether you meant the items or the Pokemon themselves, but here is all I know:
> Your Pokemon will go smoothly without a hitch, since they are completely legit.
But the items won't because in pokebank, absolutely no item can pass through Pokebank, hacked or not.

Source: Experience
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I meant event items like tickets or the flute for getting Arceus.
So yeah, they won't go through, for that matter, no items go through pokebank at all, it's impossible as it always sends the items back to your bag