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So I'm playing diamond, platinum, soul silver and heart gold and I used the tweaking glitch to get the "Mystery Zone" Arceus, and I tried to trigger the Sinjoh ruins event, I had the Arceus at the front of my party walking with me out of its pokeball and walked towards the door but the guy didn't run out and headbutt me. This is like the only time I want someone to headbutt me, and it ain't happening. Do I need to do the unown puzzles first or does it just not work with the glitch arceus?

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Sort of, you must get an event Arceus and do the event before you can return with the Hall of Origin one.


How to get an event Arceus now

EDIT: you can get Arceus this way in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.
The question asks about the tweaking Arceus, not the Hall of Origin Arceus. Also your source says you can bring the 2 Arceuses to Sinjoh Ruins in either order.
Sorry @a baby that really doesn't answer my q

It is the same thing. You use the Tweaking Glitch to get the Hall of Origin Arceus. That is the one where you need the azure flute. The Hall of Origin is the ONLY place where you can find a wild Arceus.
Must've missed the either or part. oops.
It is not, the place caught is “Mystery Zone” not hall of origin

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Tweaking along with other glitches allows you to get to the Hall of Origin where Arceus is, therefore enabling the Sinjoh Ruins. Alternatively, an event Arceus can be used.

Later, after the player has visited the Sinjoh Ruins with either an event Arceus or an Arceus caught in the Hall of Origin, they may take the other Arceus to the Ruins of Alph and be transported back to the Sinjoh Ruins.

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