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I have two Arceus — one that was found on a used copy of SoulSilver (#1) and one that I caught myself (#2). Both came from the Hall of Origin and their stats check out. More recently, I used Arceus #2 to unlock the Sinjoh event, and it worked.

But now that I used up the event, I can’t quite prove to myself if the first Arceus is legitimate. Is there another way?


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Hacked. Azure flute was never released. The Hall of Origins needs Azure Flute to activate. The hall of Origins Arceus activates the HGSS event.

Source: Personal Experience
Side Note: Hall of Origins Arceus really gives the Pokebank hack check a run for its money.

The second Arceus, caught by me, used an Azure Flute from the Mystery Gift exploit and it still worked. So I’m not sure if that’s a factor or not in the game viewing Arceuses as hacked.
The gift was never released, so the only way to get that Arceus is via Hacks and exploits, both Nintendo claims make a Pokémon illegal.
In this case I’m referring to legitimacy vs. legality. Clearly not the most legal, but could it be legitimate (or recognized in the game’s code, events, etc).
The definition of legality in Pokémon hacking is your definition of Legitimacy. An illegal Pokémon is not recognized as an legitimate Pokémon. Azure Flute Arceus is only recognized as a legal (or in your case, legit) Pokémon in 5 Games, those being HesrtGold SoulSilver Pearl Diamond and Platnium. However, Nintendo has has confirmed themself that this Pokémon should not exist. Let me put it this way. It can’t be transferred, it’s not legal (legit).