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Can I get in on it or is it too late? are there any current events going on right now?


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If you have an event arceus, take it to the ruins of alph, and you can get either a dialgia, palkia, or giratina.


It only works with the event arceus.

That one You are Wrong, Way Wrong The only way is to go in front of a House at the RUINS OF ALPH Whitch will get the Explorer out of the House in a Haste, When he Crash into you he will ask if what he see is true an ARCEUS FROM THE SINNOH REIGION Witch Means you can only use THE HALL OF ORIGION ARCEUS/EVENT ARCEUS then What you said but he will take you first.

After all that you will Be Where it all Started for Dialga,Palkia, & Giratina(aka: The Legendary Starters) also Known as THE SINJOH RUINS.
I know that, but the house is in the ruins of alph, that's where you go, then he takes you there, as noted in the link. There's no need to go into details had you just read it.
Bwahahaha! We'll show those idiots who ask for level 1 legendaries on GTS!