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So should I keep its event moves? (Special rend and roar of time) or should I give it a real moveset? And if I do give it a real moveset could I relearn the move by a move relearner?

The second part about relearning I know for a fact is impossible. It's your decision for the others; When I got Arceus I never had this dilemma cause mine never had them

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Spacial Rend:
100 Power
95 accuracy
High crit ratio

Spacial Rend might not be as powerful as Roar of Time, but you don't need recharging, and it only has a 5% chance of missing. It also has 1/8 chance of critting, so it kinda helpful.
Roar of Time**
150 power
90 accuracy
User must recharge

Roar of Time is much more powerful than Spacial Rend, but forces you to recharge in a turn, so its really not the best to keep it. However, If you do want it, then keep a bulky Arceus for the recharge.

Either way, keep both Spacial Rend and Roar of time if you (really, really) want to. I would recommend a Draco Plate Arceus or a normal Arceus. Either way, its really up to you.

On the other hand, some of the moves below are TMs, and some are move learners.

Give it a Moveset. the movesets below could possibly help:

If you DO want to keep the moves:

Draco Plate Arceus (Special Attacker):
[email protected] Plate
Timid or Modest Nature (Sweeper or not)
Ability: Multitype
252 Special Attack/252 Speed/4 Defense
-Spacial Rend
-Roar of Time
-Calm Mind

Spacial Rend and Roar of Time are the event moves, and get STAB as well.
Calm Mind is for boosting the Special Attack and Special Defense.
Flamethrower is for Ice Types.

Bulky Draco Plate Arceus(Special Attacker):
[email protected] Plate
Bold Nature
Ability: Multitype
252 Defense or Special Defense/252 Special Attack/4 HP
-Spacial Rend
- Roar of Time
-Dragon Pluse

Roar of Time and Spacial Rend are STAB and event moves.
Dragon Pluse is STAB.
Substitute is for that bulk.
If you
DON'T** want to use the event moves:

Physical/Special Sweeper:
[email protected] Band/Choice Specs/Choice Scarf
Jolly/Timid Nature
Ability: Multitype
252 Attack or Special Attack/252 Speed/ 4 HP
-Extreme Speed/Hyper Voice or Echoed Voice
-Giga Impact/Hyper Beam
-Retaliate/Focus Blast

Extreme Speed is STAB, and Arceus goes first every time/Hyper Voice is STAB/Echoed Voice gets stronger each turn and is STAB.
Giga Impact is STAB/Hyper Beam is STAB.
Fly is coverage/Blizzard is random, but can be useful.
Retaliate is STAB and gets stronger if one of your Pokemon fainted in the last turn/Focus Blast is random and will probably help you with those who resist Normal Types.

Bulky Arceus:
[email protected]
Relaxed Nature
252 Defense/252 HP/4 Special Defense
-Giga Impact
-Reflect/ Light Screen
-Zen Headbutt

Substitute is for setting up the bulk behind.
Giga Impact for STAB.
Reflect/Light Screen is to annoy Special or Physical Attackers.
Zen Headbutt is for coverage, and for flinching to this mighty thing.
Well that took long and hard.
http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/natures (For determining what kind of Arceus you have)
http://pokemondb.net/sprites/arceus (Spriting)
http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/arceus (Movesets and all)

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Thanks for the time and effort on that answer! :D
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Firstly, you can relearn event moves (proof). Secondly, Roar Of Time isn't worth it as you have to miss a turn completely and are vulnerable (and you can't switch out). Spacial Rend however, is a nice Dragon move on Arceus, as it doesn't cut your special attack like Draco Meteor and is better than Dragon type Judgement because of the increased Crit rate. Here's a "real moveset" if you want one:

[email protected] Plate
252 Sp.A, 252 Spd, 4 Hp
Ability: Multitype
Nature: Timid/Modest
-Recover (reliable healing)
-Spacial Rend (Event move)
-Judgement (STAB, deals with fairies immune to Dragon )
-Psyshock (For special walls)

Say whuuuuut

I stand corrected
Thank you, that's all I wanted to know! (If I can relearn event moves and if there worth keeping for an actual moveset)