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For example, in X and Y there is a Celebi you can get from Pokemon bank. The Celebi has the move hold back, which is basically the same as false swipe. Anyway, if I were to make Celebi forget the move, would the move relearner let me reteach Celebi hold back?

Celebi was just an example, there are others like hold hands Vivillon too.

I'm not sure, this is a good question tho
It's been asked before, but for gen 5. I think the move relearner now reteaches egg moves that a pokemon had but forgot, so I think you can reteach event moves, but not sure I don't want to lose the move forever.

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In Generation VI, any pokemom bred or obtained in a Generation VI game may also be taught any move it knew when it hatched or was obtained with. This includes Egg moves, Volt Tackle bred into Pichu, and Event -exclusive moves such as Pokemon Centre Tokyo Bay Happy Hour Inkay.

Same goes for Celebi too.

EDIT: Here's one for the event Moonblast Jirachi.
Hope I helped!

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But how come my jirachi cant relearn moonblast :c.
I don't know, you should ask that as a different question, probably won't be answered here
@Lupus - probably because it is not a move Jirachi can legally learn. I don't know if the game can do that, so it is just a guess.
Moonblast is an event-exclusive move and Pokemon need to learn the move to relearn it :P
i did not know that... never mind then
Ok, I'll do a trial. For once bulba could be wrong P:
Image.was edited in, I didn't find any.problems Lupus :/