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This must be the stupidest question to ask for details on an event that happened 12 years ago now, but I want to know what happened to this Sandshrew event here: http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/027.shtml

This Sandshrew came with the move Vital Throw, according to Serebii. No other data site mentions Sandshrew knowing this move, including Showdown and Bulbapedia. I'm wondering if anyone knows why this event has been on Serebii since 2011, if it apparently didn't have that move, according to Bulbapedia etc.

As far as I know, this is the only site that lists Sandshrew as learning this from the event.

I checked out the article for the event from where this Sandshrew was obtained on Bulbapedia (Link here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Trade_and_Battle_Day_event_Pokémon_distributions#Sandshrew), and it has the exact same OT, ID, and etc, save for Vital Throw, which has been replaced by Poison Sting for some reason. I think your best bet here is probably to ask someone who actually got this Sandshrew.
http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?497187-Hack-Check-Thread-(Read-the-OP-for-simple-hack-checking)&p=14781739#post14781739 implies that a Jeremy Sandshrew with Vital Throw is hacked, but the poster refers to two Pokemon and I'm not sure which Pokemon the answer replies to.
The nature is also differnt on the Serebii page - Bulbapedia states it is docile whereas Serebii states it's any nature...hmm
Well natures and stuff can only be determined when you can examine the game's code or through testing it repeatedly. If I had to guess, its likely someone submitted the Sandshrew to Serebii and showed its OT and everything, which would explain the lack of nature. I guess they took it as fact and printed it.

It should be said that it could also have been an oversight. A lot of people don't know that some events have a set IV number in (a) certain stat(s). For older events in generations one through three though, where there wasn't as much of a die-hard fanbase at the time, there is little data left of what those numbers might've been, if they existed at all. And now there is no easy way to find out either. That's why Bulbapedia also lacks movesets for some older events still.

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There is a section where it explains all of this.

Bulbapedia's site says that there was that event that did happen, but not for third generation. It happened for first (the Kanto region), and it says that it does not learn the move Vital Throw. There's your answer.

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I couldn't find the sandshrew you are referring to in Generation I. Could you link it?

And this also doesn't explain why Serebii might be displaying false information for over five years now. Although I guess anyone could just contact their support or something and find out.