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I heard about pal park, and I have no clue about how to get Pokemon from a generation 3 game to a generation 4 game. Can someone please tell me how to do it?

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Insert the Gen III game in the slot in the bottom of a DS [Lite] and the Gen IV game as normal. Boot up the Gen IV game and select 'Migrate from [insert game name here]' instead of starting your game as normal. Select the Pokemon you want to migrate, and you're done.

After that, head to Pal Park, and enter the area. Find your Pokemon, and capture them. They'll then be added to your PC.

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Umm.. I can't find the thing that says ' Migrate From ( insert name here). Do I have to do something special to be able to see that besides obtaining the national dex?
I just checked then generation III game's menu. Still, nothing.. I can't find it. Do you have to be in like a certain area or something?
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It only works with a ds or ds lite. Put gen IV game in top of ds and gen III game in bottem. After transfering Pokemon, the pal park gives you special pokeballs called park balls. Then you find the Pokemon in the pal park and catch them.