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So I have Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum I recently got off ebay and after doing basic checks, all seem authentic. I played through all these games on my 3DS and recently decided to buy a DS Lite again to transfer Pokemon from my LeafGreen that I have had since childhood, so I know it's real. On each game, after I click the "Migrate From LeafGreen" button on the main screen, it takes me to the Yes or No screen, but I can't do anything from there. All Pokemon in all games have been unaltered and no hacks or anything.

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the dppt games might be counterfeit, or there is dust or something in the part of the cartridge that would read Pal Park.
Try turning off your DS Lite, taking out both of your games, inserting them back in, and migrating your Pokemon again. Does that change anything?
It might be a problem with your touch screen, try testing it with another game or on the ds homescreen, if it's acting funky, try to re-calibrate

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My guess is that something is wrong with the cartridge’s, or the Gameboy Advance itself. Now, it might be like a dvd disc. If it is dusty or scratched, it won’t play properly. Take out the cartridge’s and see if you can clean them off. Now, if it isn’t a problem with LeafGreen, then I could be a problem with the game you are transferring them to. You got Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum off of EBay? Well, that can lead to a lot of explanations. Again, check if the cartridges, and see if the are scratched or require cleaning. If that doesn’t work, then the games might be counterfit, or something is wrong with the systems. Try taking out the cartridges, turning the systems off, turning them and again, and putting the games back in. If that doesn’t work, then something in the cartridges and/or the Gameboy advance is broken. Hope this can help!

If you don’t know for sure, why answer?
I was giving multiple theories, that would have been to much for a comment.
A). It really wouldn’t have
B). You’re still being unsure
C). Well there’s not really a C so idk why I put this here but this answer is still kind of incomplete