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Yes, this is actually quite likely.
It has been repeatedly been bought up/requested by Pokemon fans, and as Ruby and Sapphire were both successes, it is likely they will remake it and bring it up to date. However, we will probably have to wait two years or so for this, as B/W 2 were recently released and according to the pattern in the previous Generations we will have to wait a while. You never know, it might even turn up in Gen VI. It's been almost 10 years since R/S were released, so Game Freak are well due to bring it back :)
Then again, they might not, I will admit, even though I want the remakes more than anything; the main reason they remade Gold and Silver was because of the significant increase in Pokemon from Gen II to IV. Another reason is that the graphics are colour were a lot less advanced and they probably wanted to bring the games up to date with our technology these days. However, this is what makes a Gen III remake less likely; the games already gave the same graphics compatibily and colour as Gen IV, which Gold and Silver and Blue and Yellow all lacked. Plus, they are compatible with DSLs and DSs, except they are older and use a different cartridge. However, the audio is a lot different, so the pros still outclass the cons.

However, we do not have any proof to support this as Gen III remakes still remain unrevealed to this date, so we will have to be patient untill Game Freak reveal whether or not they will remake the games.

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The big question is what could they add to Ruby and Sapphire game wise in order to make them new enough to warrant buying again.  I would like to see them remade as well because then you could have all of the Pokemon games all on the same cartridge type.
Well X & Y DOES have the coastal and mountain PokéDexes, so it's a possibility.