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Dusclops is boss with Shadow Punch. Gengar is BS with Physical Shadow Ball.

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They were not reworked in Gen 3, but in Gen 4.

They were reworked in Gen 4 because it was about that time, that Gamefreak had started to somewhat revamp the whole attackdex.

Like the thing that all the Dark type moves were special, but comprised of moves like Bite, Crunch ane Thief. As of such, we don't really know their original intentions, but this is the most likely theory.

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i think you misunderstood, ill reframe the q
by 'fix' i meant why was ghost fixed as physical
Ghost has been physical ever since the first game; It was not fixed to become physical in Gen III.
Gengar had the honour of having physical STAB throughout all the games prior Gen IV.