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If Secret Power's type changes to grass in Gen 3, would it be Special or Physical?

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If my Jolteon was to use Secret Power in grass, it turns into Needle Arm, a grass type move. However does this mean that the category of the move would be shifted from Physical to Special?

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Unfortunately, Le Scaf's answer was incorrect. Secret Power only has variable animation and secondary effect. It is always Normal type unless the user's ability is Refrigerate, Aerialate, or Pixilate. Therefore, it is always physical in Gen 3.

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Hm yeah this does sound more correct. I had ended up replacing Secret Power in my Emerald altogether since it wasn't helping xD.
Thanks for taking out the time to correct this :>
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Yes, it would turn special.

Secret Power fully takes on the move in terms of category.

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You mean it turns Special right?
K, thanks!
Btw no, it has a fixed accuracy and power (100% and 70 respectively)