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Many games nowadays have DLC's, which brings me to this question. I'm not talking about free Pokémon events by going to a store or a free Pokémon by purchasing something, i'm talking about a real exclusive game enhancer that can be obtained digitally with money or Nintendo eShop.

> a free Pokemon by purchasing something

Aside from making fun of weird wording, there have been patches for fixing glitches, which might count as game enhancers.
Pokken has paid DLC. If I remember correctly, Pokemon Quest had microtransactions. As for main Pokemon games? I don't think so.
Didn't Pokémon Rumble have DLC by buying crystals or some?
Didn't Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity have DLC?

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I dont believe that any Pokemon game has had DLC before. Particularly main series ones. Take this with a grain of salt.