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NOT EMULATION (before half the people on the site flag my question. Again)
I mean like a capture card, I wan't to be able to record what i'm doing on ORAS for walkthroughs/ battles and the like. I have a 3dsxl or is there another way I can download my battle videos from online?


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You need a capture card to do so, which means you need a modified 3DS.

The one that I know of is a guy named Loopy who lives in the States. He can only do this with the 3DS, as 3DS XL/ 2DS are not supported yet.

Here is his site: http://3dscapture.com/
There used to be an option to buy a new 3DS and the capture board together from him, but the 3DS is now being phased out and replaced by the 3DS XL, so you either need to buy a 3DS second hand or wait until he makes capture boards for the 3DS XL.

Here is a Reddit forum discussing how Loopy also created a 2DS Gamecube controller.

Additionally, on your surfing of the web you may find someone named Katsukitty who also offers the same service. I've heard from a lets play Youtuber that they do a really shoddy job on their capture boards, which break easily (just over a month; Katsukitty only warrant their capture board modifications for a month). Loopy has actually been repairing Katsukitty's handiwork, which shows you how bad they must be if their competition is willing to repair their work because it gives their whole trade a bad name.

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