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It definitely is possible with the GBA games if you get the "Visual Boy Advance linker" emulator. I assume the DS emulators do the same.

You will need to run two emulators side-by-side and load a different game in each, then they should be able to connect.

If that doesn't work then go out and buy the real games, they're much better.

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There are many videos on youtube that show you how to trade between emulator on the same pc. but, i try it self and it doesn't work!

okay i will install two emulators which are having an difernet load game then trade okay i think it will work
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I've done this a few times myself, it's fairly easy. Open the 2 VBA linkers side by side and make sure you're in the exact same location in both loaded games. Toy around with the settings making sure the framerate and all other necessary options are exactly in sync before you attempt this. Go to the trading corner (Note on both games your character moves at the axct same time in the same direction therefore the exact location is critical) once you're in the trading corner seat both characters. In the trading selection area you'll only be able to trade slots with each other eg. Pokemon 1 on Sapphire trades with Pokemon 1 on Ruby so planning ahead is crucial.