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i want to know a trustful link where I can download Pokemon x or y without surveys without passwords or without money and without too much of virus
please help... as I am dying to play this game


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If you are dying to play this game, save up for a 3DS (or a 2DS as it is cheaper), buy Pokemon X & Y, and then you're set! A bunch of great titles are available for the 3DS/2DS, such as Kid Icarus: Uprising and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds alongside Pokemon X & Y.

Using emulators and ROMs are always unreliable. And any ROM can also carry a virus (it's also illegal to distribute .rom files over the Internet anyhow).

So, I wouldn't recommend downloading a copy of X & Y from the internet. What would you rather pay for, a 45-ish dollar game or a 300-ish dollar computer after your current one is ravaged by a virus?

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Emulators/ROMs are currently unavailable online. In fact, to my knowledge there is no 3DS titles available on PC, as no one has gone viral about how to access the hidden data of the 3DS. (In order to make ROMs and emulators, you need the hidden data of a game.)

Anyway, emulators and ROMs are never that good, since there always has to be one glitch in the game, somewhere, somehow.

But yeah, there are no 3DS titles available on the PC so far. So, I'd recommend just buying a 3DS. It may cost a lot, but it'll be worth it considering how many good titles are available on the console.

Hope I helped. :)

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