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I need to know! I captured Missingno in Red and it was sent to my pc box, will there be anything bad happening to my game?


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There is a lot to list on here so I will link you to a Bulbapedia article
about all the missingno glitches and a short explenation about them.

>Depositing a Glitch Pokémon in the PC, looking at its stats, and withdrawing it will turn it into a Rhydon.

This rumor is half true. There is a short explenation of it in the link I posted.

>If a Missingno. is caught and sent to Bill's PC, the game will freeze if you try to withdraw it.

This, however, is just false, so you don't need to worry about it.


Hope I helped!

OK,  thanks!
Speaking of PC box freezes, if you ever wanted to do the Lv. 100 Mew glitch, DO NOT HAVE A FULL PARTY AT THE TIME OF CAPTURE. Once it is caught, it will be sent to the PC like usual, but when you try and withdraw, because the game can't recognize the Pokemon as Lv. 1, the game will freeze. Just a warning I wanted to share.