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Exactly what happens when Missingno is stored in the PC?

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I need to know! I captured Missingno in Red and it was sent to my pc box, will there be anything bad happening to my game?

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There is a lot to list on here so I will link you to a Bulbapedia article
about all the missingno glitches and a short explenation about them.

>Depositing a Glitch Pokémon in the PC, looking at its stats, and withdrawing it will turn it into a Rhydon.

This rumor is half true. There is a short explenation of it in the link I posted.

>If a Missingno. is caught and sent to Bill's PC, the game will freeze if you try to withdraw it.

This, however, is just false, so you don't need to worry about it.


Hope I helped!

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OK,  thanks!