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can i download 3ds pokemon game from somewhere

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There are no 3DS Pokemon games yet, except for Pokedex 3D, which you can download from the Nintendo eShop.

Also, games that are released on 3DS via cartridge are only available to buy on cartridge, not download.

Sorry Pokemaster but you are wrong. 3DS game are out there to download and 3DS emulators. BUT its really hard to find them and most of them dont work properly yet.
No, I am right. There are no 3DS Pokemon games yet, nor does Nintendo offer downloads of cartridge games via the eShop.
thats the first time I've ever seen anyone question pokemaster
Haha. Yea sorry that was my bad. There are 3DS games out there not 3DS pokemon games.  I didnt read right.
what about now