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I looked up some websites like Serebii and Smogon, and they say the ability "download" can be useful for Porygon-Z. But how? I know boosted special attack is great, but what's the use if it has crazy uber'ish special attack and the opponent sends out a garchomp which has better attack? I don't really see the use of this ability on him. If anyone has a strategy for this guy with download, I would really appreciate it if you would tell me. I want to EV train him because I got it from trade with a modest nature. Thanks again guys!


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Remember, Download raises your Attack or Sp. Attack based on your enemies Defense and Sp. Defense, not their Attack or Sp. Attack.

Smogon specifically said: "It is also interesting to note that a Download boosted Tri Attack is more powerful than an Adaptability boosted Tri Attack by 12%... On Nasty Plot sets, Adaptability is far superior, because after one or two boosts, Tri Attack will destroy even Pokemon that resist it. On sets where you have no other means of boosting your Special Attack, use Download."

They're saying that when Porygon has a moveset with no Nasty Plot, use Download, so that you get a greater boost.
In movesets with Nasty Plot, Adaptability is the best because after a boost of two stages of Sp. Attack, along with Adaptability (an extra STAB pretty much), Tri Attack will pretty much KO any Pokemon that comes in. ~

OK, then is it possible to use a Porygon-z with both nasty plot and download?
it is but I wouldn't recommend it