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I have a Porygon-Z. Lv. 20
Nature: Modest
Ability: Adaptability
Holding Item: Silk Scarf

It currently knows.

I would like to know what other type's of Moves I can teach him.
Our what are the best once for it to use, as a "COVERAGE" our SWEEPER"?
Also do I get the Adaptability Type Boosted, since HP Is a normal Attack.


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HP Normal doesn't exist, and why need it? Porygon-Z gets Tri-Attack, a way more powerful abuser for Adaptability. HP Psychic is not a Normal Type Attack bring as it transforms into a Psychic Type Attack. Some confusion there. The recommended Moveset for this Porygon-Z is:

-Tri- Attack
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball

Tri-Attack is STAB and gets that coveted Adaptability Boost. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam form the great BoltBeam coverage. Shadow Ball nails Ghost Types who otherwise wall Porygon-Z's Tri-Attack.

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How about Nasty Plot? Could that work too?
Yes, of course! But keep in mind you'll lose coverage.
Why not Dark Pulse > Shadow Ball?
Shadow Ball is cooler xD
Nice reason mike
Have you considered just teaching it psychic?  It is much easier than getting hidden power psychic.
Yeah I just saw him movepool and I saw that it can learn Psychic with the help of a TM. Haha Thanks for the help.
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HP is never Normal. It changes type based on IVs.

As for coverage or sweeper, use both!

You can't control what HP is learns, you'll just have to teach it it and hope. Sadly.

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Mwahahaha... finally one of my answers is valid!
Got it, thanks you
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Hidden Power's Type is determined by the Pokemons IVs, and those cant be changed without hacking the game. So you either have to hack or get a new Porygon-Z.