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Porygon-Z Shiny
LV 100
Trait: Download
Hp 304 Tri Attack
Attack 153 Thunderbolt
Defense 169 Dark Pulse
Sp.Atk 391 Ice Beam
Sp.Def 181
Speed 258
It is in pokeball. Got it at LV100

OT Shiro 42314 Modest nature ------------- Fateful encounter

                                            This is were region name should be.Where i started

Apparently arrived at lv100 Somewhat vain

Stats are legit.

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"Fateful Encounter" means Event Pokemon. They would usually be in a Cherish Ball.

There has only been 1 Event giving away a Shiny Porygon (in the link above). It is highley unlikely, but maybe that is where it is from, that is, if you can transfer Pokemon over from Gen. II (which i don't know about.)

But i believe hacked... possibly PokeGEN


mines the same