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MangaFox is probably the most common site to read manga, and for good reason. MangaReader, Batato, MangaEden and Mangahere are all decent too. I personally prefer http://www.taadd.com/ .
If you want an app, you can use the MangaReader app as suggested in the answer, but I'd personally suggest using an app called Manga Rock - it allows you to access several different manga sites on your phone, so if you can't find something on one, you can check a different source. It has all the main Manga sources. It's free to download, but you need to pay some money if you wanted unlimited downloads.

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If you have an iDevice (iPod, iPhone etc) there is an app, MangaReader, which has TONS of manga. Including Pokemon Adventures. You just click the volume you want to download and start reading.If you don't have you can down load from the link given bellow.


i want it in english
I download manga reader and the search isn't work and i try to download it but my computer isn't work and in my ipad i can't download rar files