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Excluding Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. I know it's rumoured Nintendo could bring new pokes through e-shop, but they blatantly said they wouldn't.

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It has been said for quite a few days now that the Legendary Trio for X and Y have been leaked. These photos have supposedly been taken off of Serebii's website when they had the names and types of the new trio for about 20 minutes before being removed. I wouldn't accept this as fact just yet until they are officially confirmed because this may still be fake.

Images: http://i.imgur.com/PoH7gf4.jpg

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If you check the home menu, it says something about event Pokemon found in the games coding. There are 3, so I think we that they are the trio, but also there are 2 trios in every region except Kanto and Johto but then again, Kanto was the first region and Johto has a duo, which is just as good as a trio.

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I highly doubt it because I have seen the full pokedex and they are not there unless they are added like manaphy was, but you never know

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