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So recently, I just grabbed a sexy Tornadus-T for my English W2. However, I really want a Thundurus-T.

So just wondering, is there like a "Set" time for them to appear? ( Not like time 2:00 or something ) Like a certain amount of Dream Orbs?

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>The Eureka Extension levels open up after you have reached certain milestones. Typically, these levels house just clouds for Dream Orbs and a cloud that holds the Legendary Pokémon of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, obtained after you have collected 400-500, 1400-1500 and 3000 orbs respectively.

Tornadus - 400-500

Thundurus - 1400-1500

Landorus - 3000

Source: Serebii/ Pokemon Dream Radar

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