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Well, I just bought dream radar at the Nintendo store on my 3DS, and I'm wondering what Pokemon can I catch?


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Here are the names of all the Pokemon you can obtain in the dream radar
Staryu ability analytic
Porygon ability analytic
Igglybuff ability friend guard
Togepi ability super luck
Shuckle ability contrary
Smoochum ability hydration
Ralts ability telepathy
Swablu ability cloud nine
Drifloon ability flare boost
Bronzor ability heavy metal
Riolu ability prankster
Rotom ability levitate
Munna ability telepathy
Sigilyph ability Tinited lens
Tornadus ability regenerator
Thunderus ability volt absorb
Landuros ability intimidate
Lugia ability multiscale
Ho-oh ability regenerator
Dialga ability telepathy
Palkia ability telepathy
Giratina ability telepathy
Beldum ability light metal
Slowpoke ability regenerator
Hoothoot ability Tinted lens

Leppa berry
Sun stone
Moon stone
Leaf stone
Water stone
Thunder stone
Red shard
Blue shard
Yellow shard
Green shard
Fire stone
rare candy
PP up
Heart scale
Sacred ash
Life orb
Max revive
Dawn stone
King's rock
Focus sash
Star piece
Hope I helped

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