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I get that Solgaleo and Lunala would be together cause, sun and moon, but how would Necrozma fit in? Same for Zacian and Zazamenta, sword an shield, a knights weapons, but how does a dragon with the power stop Pokemon from dynamaxing enter the group?

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While they aren’t “official.” I consider the Gen 7 ones the Light Trio, and Gen 8 the Darkest Day Trio

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Necrozma fits the trio only because of its ability to fuse with Sogaleo/Lunala, as well as being released in Gen 7, as well as having a somewhat similar origin to Sogaleo/Lunala in their base evolution.

Seeing how Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus were released in the same generation but they can be categorized as the gen 8 legends (which in this case a trio). Zacian/Zamazenta are more of a duo. In fact, aside from being extremely powerful the legendary wold/dog Pokemon have almost nothing in common with Eternatus.

So Necrozma, Sogaleo, and Lunala are a trio (The light trio, or solar trio). Zacian/Zamazenta are a duo and Eternatus is kind of its own thing.

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why is everyone misspelling Necrozma
Serena_The_Sylveon I think only GameFreak misspelled Necrozema incorrectly.
Also, the term Ultra Beast refers to a creature belonging to a place beyond an Ultra Wormhole.