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In kanto they have
moletres,zapdos,and articuno

in johto they have

in hoenn they had (yes now it is four but originally)
regice,regirock,and registeel

in sinnoh they have
uxie,azelf,and mesprit

i forget about unova's but I know they are
flying,electric flying,and ground flying

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They all have a tie in with the mascot legends. The lake Trio form the chain that holds down the mascot legend, the johto Beast trio help protect johto and were revived by Ho-Oh. the Regis were created during the stone, ice and iron ages of human technology and awaken Regigigas who I think formed the earth. Go to Bulbapedia for the whole legend

the unovas are tornadous, thundourous, and landourous
As well as Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion.