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Do we know anything about this game?

If I remember correctly, it was announced 2 years ago in 2013.
So what happened? Did it get delayed/cancelled?
Was it just a fake rumor?

As a premise it sounds good, a well balanced game between Tekken and Pokémon would be a nice spin off if it doesn't become a milking cow.
What do you guys think?
Would you like the game?
Are you glad it never got a chance to show us what it's capable of?

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Actually, just last week new news rolled in regarding the game. Three more fighters were revealed, as well as a slew of information regarding mechanics, battling and gamemodes. The game is also set to be released this year, but so far only on arcade machines in Japan.* (keep in mind this is the usual trend for Tekken and similar games, it's still possible it will be released oversees.
So to summary, the game isn't canceled, and it's coming this year.
Source: http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Suicune,_Gardevoir,_Pikachu_revealed_as_playable_in_Pokkén_Tournament

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No, it's an official game that will be released in Japan this year - it just doesn't receive as much attention since it won't have a release on consoles for a while, and because it won't be leaving Japan for some time.

The game will be released in Japanese arcades later this year. It may eventually get a release on Nintendo consoles, but it may be a while before this happens. The game also has some gameplay trailers that confirm Pokemon like Pikachu and Gardevoir as fighters.

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it would be awesome if it comes out for the 3ds with online features!