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Excuse my possible (and likely) ignorance. I'm coming back from an inactive streak :|

Haha yeah. Was bored yesterday and saw this in my favorites. Realized I sorta accidentally gave you guys the cold shoulder. But ima try and fix that ;)
The 'Not yeeeeet' part of my comment is the answer to your question, BTW.
Gen 6 OU isn't up yet. :3

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Gen 6 OU isn't up yet. But they are working on it, and have made a few changes so far, such as Heatran going Uber (I think :3) and Excadrill coming back to OU.

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I'm not positive it is Uber, but I don't see it in OU in 6th gen Beta, and I believe someone told me as well.
rofl, heatran is definitely not going uber. i dont know where you even gathered such an idea - especially considering it's not even released yet in the actual games.
It's an unreleased Pokemon, meaning it cannot legally be obtained in Gen VI as of now.
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Who the heck flagged this complete answer ?
There will be some changes but I expect mostly going down tiers especially for ninetails cuz of chary-y and politoed
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They have already established an XY uber banlist and after usage statistics everything will have been sorted. On the official simulator for Smogon, PS, it is possible to play OU in both the current and Pokebank formats.

http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/official-xy-ou-banlist.3491371/ -- Banlist