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It's been really ticking me off for a long time..

Because that's how they wanted to do it?
Yeah, things like base form Charizard and base form Mawile are OU, as well as mandibuzz who, I may add, is no better than she was last gen, except for two slightly more relevant resistances.
Mandibuzz got a boosted defog, a boosted knock off, a dark typing which thanks to steel loosing resistances became not only more viable offensively but became the only type to counter ghost, and overcoat got boosted as well.

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>Smogon's tier system is used to rank Pokemon into several groups based on their perceived power and usage in competitive play.

That was the Gen 5. Smogon's tier system has always been somewhat based on usage it seems, and Gen 6 is no different. The thing was, they had heaps of time to refine the Gen 5 metagame as they saw fit, unlike the Gen 6 so far. We aren't that far into it yet.
If you look at the tier names;
Yeah I think that kind of gives it away that it was kinda always based on usage. Anyway, I would guess Smogon lacks enough information to sort it out, and is just going on usage for now, or they're just lazy or something :P. They still shift Pokemon around right now, with examples being Mega-Lucario and Genesect, based on suspect voting and how overpowered it seems the Pokemon is.

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I'm kinda tempted to add other tiers



EC means Extra Cows, which live on farms, which has the word arms, which are guns, and guns represent America, and Nintendo of America makes English Pokemon games, and Pokemon.
I personally think that it would have been better if they had kept the gen 5 tiers as the default tier, with gen 6 as an extra option until it was finished. Still, not complaining about things like Tornadus-T and Kyruem being able to be used in UU