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On Smogon I have seen that they have sets for all Mega Pokemon except Latias and Latios. Why is it like this?

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Only Smogon knows why they didn't make sets for them

Also they are unreleased and they don't know what tier it should be, also with the improvements, they can have new moves and they don't know.
In Showdown there is a battle style where you can use the new ORAS megas but you can't use the legendaries, so you can't test them.

This smogon thread shows some movesets for M-Latios (they say M-Latias is going to be there son) and their improvement stats and abilities (they only talk about Latios and once again, son about Latias).

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Because regular Latios and Latias are more competitively viable rather than Mega Latios and Mega Latias.

Remember, Smogon is a competitive community, not a community where there are movesets for everything.

Hope this helped.