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In Lucario and the Mystery of Mew at the end, Ash created a sphere of aura by himself and they also said that he had strong aura. Could he use that to attack without Pokemon?


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Lol thats actually an intriguing question. Since Ash's aura is considered... ridiculously powerful xD he in theory would be able to
However Sir Aaron, who also featured in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was never shown or mentioned to be able to fight using Aura, only to utilise it and have the ability to see things around him or seal Lucario/use the time flowers. So yeah Ash probably couldn't use something like Aura Sphere :P Since Sir Aaron was probably alot stronger and more experienced in Aura and obviously wasn't able to use Aura Sphere .xD

And if Ash could use Aura Sphere he wouldn't be trying to punch Mewtwo with his bare fists. What a genius Ash is. =.=

Yea but he didn't know about Aura when he fought mewtwo....either way it's ineffective xD
Ash punching is  kinda like a fighting type move since he's " fighting " mewtwo. Fighting->Psychic=not very effective....., he'll be Xo in seconds he won't be able to land a punch.